A Person with Lightning in Their Pocket Doesn’t Ever Brag.

A Person with Lightning in Their Pocket Doesn’t Ever Brag.

When it comes to success, some need to boast about their accomplishments constantly. Then some quietly go about their business, confident that their abilities speak for themselves.

The latter type can afford to be unassuming because they have what it takes to achieve great things. They have the goods.

A person with lightning in their pocket is a metaphor for someone with exceptional talents and abilities.

This individual doesn’t need to brag or show off to gain the respect and admiration of others.

Instead, they let their actions speak for themselves.


This quiet confidence is a powerful trait that sets them apart from others and helps them to achieve their goals.

They know their worth.

They have a deep understanding of their talents and abilities and don’t feel the need to prove themselves to others.

They are comfortable in their own skin and don’t require validation from others to feel good about themselves.

They don’t need faith. They have experience.

Another reason why this type of person can be unassuming is that they are focused on their goals. They don’t waste time or energy trying to impress others but instead put all their efforts into achieving their objectives.

This laser-focused mindset allows them to make steady progress toward their goals, and as a result, they can accomplish great things.

They are passionate about what they do, which is evident in their work. They let their work speak for itself.

They have a drive and dedication that is hard to ignore, and they are true experts in their field. They are so flippin’ good. Jealousy can’t dismiss them.

People who are genuinely passionate about something can be incredibly inspiring and motivating, which can help them to achieve even greater success. Success has a gravitational force and juggernauts forward.

They are an excellent example for us to strive for and learn from: to be unassuming, let our actions speak for ourselves, and not waste time proving ourselves to others.

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