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MBA ASAP Corporate Finance

John Cousins

Voted Best Corporate Finance Book and Best Valuation Book of All Time!

Intelligent Investing

John Cousins

Reveals the inner workings of the stock market, teaching you to read, understand, and analyze financial statements and 10Ks. You'll gain the skills to assess asset value, become a talented stock picker, and even employ trading strategies using statistical arbitrage and asset pricing models.

From Dreamers to Doers: The Leadership Leap: Charisma, Conviction, and the Craft of Turning 'What If' into 'What Is'

John Cousins

This book speaks directly to a broad audience—from aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to established executives—by delivering a transformational journey. Readers will gain insights into the visionary aspect of leadership and the practical skills necessary to execute those visions.

Business Law

John Cousins

If you are involved in business, you will deal with many lawyers, legal requirements, and restrictions. Therefore, like financial literacy, it is a good idea to have legal literacy and a basic understanding of the law and what lawyers do.

Introduction to Business Law

Business law is a broad term that refers to the laws that apply to the formation, operation, and dissolution of a business. It encompasses a wide range of legal topics, including contracts, employment law, intellectual property, and business regulation.

MBA ASAP Business Strategy: Strategic Thinking, Planning, Implementation, Management and Leadership

John Cousins

Understand business from a strategic perspective. Senior executives routinely share and discuss strategy with marketing directors, operations chiefs, and other direct reports. But how much do those managers really understand about strategic thinking, planning, implementation, and measurement?

Lack of strategic literacy matters and impacts an organization’s ability to optimally perform. Those who can’t speak the language of business can’t contribute much to a discussion of performance and are unlikely to advance in the hierarchy or reach their full potential.

The Informed Investor: Twenty-Six Lessons in Investment Strategy

John Cousins

Investing isn't just about picking winners and losers; it's about a strategic mindset that balances risk with potential rewards. It's about understanding the financial landscape, recognizing opportunities, and making decisions that align with your goals. That's what "Intelligent Investing" is all about equipping you with the tools to navigate the complexities of the market with confidence and foresight.

In the chapters ahead, we'll uncover the principles that can help turn investing into a powerful engine for financial growth and security. From the basics of asset allocation to the nuances of market analysis, each concept will build on the last, creating a comprehensive framework for informed investment choices.